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Editorial: Two kinds of pain

Amid growing bipartisan support for this painful move, President Biden on Tuesday banned Russian oil and gas imports. This is our nation’s most powerful response yet to Russia’s murderous aggression in Ukraine, and the action will hurt Russia even worse if our allies sign on.

Sometimes world events create ripples that affect each of us on a personal level. That truth has become painfully obvious to everyone who’s passed by a gas station or filled up their car in the past few days. American drivers will make an additional sacrifice from their wallets, for sure, on top of the inflation that has already eaten a dent into the family finances. We hope and trust this pain will be temporary.

While there are other factors at play, the main reason for this most recent spike in gas prices, even before Tuesday’s import ban, is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sanctions put on Russia by the U.S. and European Union have severely impacted Russia’s ability to sell crude oil, one of the biggest...

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