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Editorial: The hard part

Election Day 2021 has come and gone. Now comes the hard part: governing.

After all, isn’t that the whole point of an election? To find someone who can make the tough decisions and guide the policies that govern our laws and manage our bureaucratic infrastructure day in, day out?

The election cycle is basically one long, extended job interview. While it frequently devolves into name calling and fear mongering about what the other candidate would do if he or she is elected, at its core its purpose is to find the person with the best judgment and the ideas that most voters support.

But the men and women elected this week can’t just take their marching orders from those who voted for them and turn a deaf ear to the rest. They need to reach out to all of their constituents and find areas of common ground.

It’s difficult to do. And there’s a whole different skill set involved in campaigning as there is in governing—the two are frequently at odds with one another. In the highly p...

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