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Editorial: Sunday hunting

Among the more than 100 bills that Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed into law last week was one sure to anger some residents and delight others—opening up Sunday hunting to include both public and private lands.

While hunters are glad to remove the last vestiges of this so-called “blue law” (the state approved Sunday hunting on private lands in 2014 with the landowner’s written permission) and open hunting for the entire weekend, some homeowners will miss the relative peace and quiet of a Sunday free from the sound of gunshots and barking hounds.

The new law does preserve one condition that had been set back in 2014—that hunters cannot use their dogs or hunt within 200 yards of a place of worship on Sundays. Other than that, there are no additional restrictions specific to Sunday hunting.

Hunting is a part of rural life in the commonwealth. That’s undeniable. But some will say that it’s also undeniable that Sunday is a day of rest.Let us know your thoughts on this issue.

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