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Editorial: Storm and disaster

The snowstorm of the century followed the forecasts and more or less bypassed Gloucester and Mathews. We had snow, but not too much. We had ice, but not too much; and the power stayed on in most places, or at least did not go off universally for days at a time.

The roads were slick, but VDOT got on them early and often. There were the usual spinouts, but not too many.

Most people had reason to be relieved—the storm was not so bad here.

In Gloucester County, a private tragedy occurred in the death of a man at a home without heat. It was ruled to be hypothermia, and makes us reflect on the many people who face challenges and poverty and illness with a very thin or no “safety net” to support them. We can do more.

The tragedy in Mathews County was very public and drew national attention, the collapse of historic Donk’s Theater at Hudgins.

The roof of the 70-year-old building came down, taking some of the walls. Ice, snow, rain and wind struck a painful blow to ...

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