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Editorial: Science is moo-velous

If you believe that global warming is partly or almost completely due to the mephitic emissions of farm animals, take heart. Science is finding an answer for that.

Several explorations, including one underway at Virginia State University, aim to find out if changing livestock’s diets can reduce methane gas emissions.

At VSU, goats are being fed sorghum instead of corn. “If our hypothesis is correct,” VSU professor Dr. Adnan Yousuf said, “this form of dietary management will not only reduce the production of methane gas but also will improve animal performance by improving feed metabolizable energy intake.”

No beans for the goats…

Also under study: cow belches and other emissions.

In the past two decades, a lot of talk has been offered, a good deal of it hot air in itself, about carbon emissions and the increasing problem of global warming.

Fossil fuels are usually fingered as the culprit, but somewhere along the line we also saw a strange source of carbon identified:...

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