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Editorial: Register, then vote

Turn on the TV any time between now and Nov. 6, and you’re sure to be bombarded with attacks and counterattacks from both parties, politicians looking for your vote by scaring you about what the other guy is going to do. In Virginia, which is now considered a battleground state, there’s hardly a commercial break where there’s not at least one of these ads. More often, there are two or three.

It’s almost enough to convince you not to vote. And, in many cases, that’s exactly what the candidate wants. Many of these ads are designed to appeal to those already convinced and put enough doubt in the minds of everybody else to keep them away on Election Day.

While it’s natural to feel discouraged with the constant bickering, half-truths and outright lies, don’t give up. It’s important to hang in there and cast an informed ballot. Remember, your future is riding on it.

Here are some things everyone should do in the coming weeks:


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