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Editorial: Opportunity knocked

So many of our small communities have withered like left-behind squash on the vine. The march of progress has taken away their post offices, their country stores, and finally, their sense of identity.

Names such as Pinetta, Laban, Blakes and New Upton may be known to the people who live in those areas, but no longer do these locales, along with many others, boast those stores and post offices essential to the sense of place.

There is little likelihood of that happening in the foreseeable future at Bena.

Bena has been blessed with operating businesses and organizations that have kept its spirit alive … and its post office is still a functioning entity too.

It is even blessed by the legacy and promise of two businesses no longer in operation. The far future may see the erection of a Guinea Museum on land once occupied by the Carlyle Brown Studebaker dealership and garage. It’s owned by the Guinea Heritage Association (sponsor of the Guinea Jubilee) which cherishes its lo...

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