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Editorial: Not news

It is not news that hurricane season officially begins Monday. It’s not news that Tropical Storm Arthur jumped in early and brushed the coast last week. On Wednesday morning, Tropical Storm Bertha formed just off the coast of South Carolina. It may go inland but…we may get drenched.

Nor is it news that almost every year we brace for at least one storm. Most of the time it veers away. Occasionally we get a direct and destructive hit, and that gets our attention for a few years.

So while not news, it’s worthy of our attention that something awful may come our way this year, as before, due to an unfortunate convergence of low pressures, high seawater temperatures, and out-to-get-you steering winds.

It’s always a good idea, as hurricane season gets underway, to check all the safety material that you keep at home and to be sure the various items are fresh, or full, or ready to put in place.

Our own knowledge and long history with hurricanes know what Mother Nature can provide. ...

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