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Editorial: Minding our manners

People are so angry. The rogue practitioners of road rage have spread their take-no-prisoners attitude to a large portion (it seems) of the population. Talk shows, blogs, letters to the editor, rallies and protests all transmit a message, "I am right, you are wrong, and you are an idiot, too." Manners have disappeared.

So, in this year of discontent, we are pleased to point out that most people are still minding their own business and that many of them are managing to do a great deal of good for the community without getting into other people’s faces to trumpet their superiority. Today, we single out four of them for their efforts.

At home, Mari Ann and Charlie Banks, for a second year, threw open the hospitable gates of White Hall and through a combination of ticket sales, donations and connections with U.S. Foodservice, raised more than $10,000 and collected enough food for 1,500 meals. All of this will be used by food pantries in Gloucester County, helping peop...

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