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Editorial: Heroes

Our heroes, number one and top of the list, are the doctors, nurses, technicians, and all the medical staff at hospitals here and throughout the nation who are fighting to save the lives of COVID-19 patients.

They are the firefighters of the pandemic, going into the face of danger to help others. They know the odds. They will continue going to work even as the crisis nears its peak, and will continue working as they read of medical staff that fall sick and die from the disease. They will continue to work even while reusing protective equipment and sometimes reportedly having none to use.

They are the heroes, to us, of 2020.

Next, we will list the emergency response workers, who attend calls for sick people, sometimes with respiratory symptoms. Many of these are volunteers, putting their health on the line for others.Close behind them are the clerks in grocery and convenience stores, checking out customers and restocking shelves with minimum protection and maximum exposure. Ap...

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