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Editorial: Get the shot

Just when you thought it was (nearly) over.

Suddenly the Delta variant of the virus causing COVID-19 has surged to dominance in the United States, and is causing hot spots of new illnesses.

Virginia’s low daily totals of new cases, so encouraging in June, are surging again.

News reports are, to say the least, a little confusing.

We are told that:

Fully-vaccinated people are at relatively low risk of contracting the delta variant;

Scientists worry that further evolution of the virus will create a strain that evades vaccines;

At least one maker, Pfizer, is said to be developing a delta-resistant booster, although the CDC still says this is not necessary.

At the same time, masks are recommended by some observers for fully-vaccinated people.

Finally, most new cases and deaths are of the Delta variant, and the hot spots are emerging in areas where vaccination rates are low.

All this adds up to one sure piece of advice: if your doctor recommends it, get the vac...

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