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Editorial: Feel the spirit

It is the season that elevates spirits. Children’s eyes are alight, churches glow with special events, communities buzz with activities.

We feel that spirit. And we feel and appreciate, just as much, the spirit of enterprise that lies behind it all.

We are not speaking of the Christmas catalogs that come in July; or of the lighted trees that appear in stores just after Halloween. Nor even of the door-busting Black Friday specials.

No, that is the spirit of enterprise as codified and practiced by big business. We may tolerate it, scorn it, or welcome it … but we also should remember, all these big businesses started out small.

The real spirit of enterprise, we believe, originates in the hearts and minds of our neighbors, who dream of running their own companies. They have ideas; they find the capital to start; they find a place and make a plan to launch their dream; they apply copious quantities of elbow grease as they gear up.

And they are off, propelled along ...

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