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Editorial: Change in energy

Out: the natural gas pipeline. In: the offshore turbine.

In one week, Dominion Energy killed off its controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline, planned in partnership with Duke Energy. At the same time, it put online Dominion’s first wind turbine in the Atlantic Ocean, a pilot project that may one day lead to fields of windmills in the distance powering our homes.

Each type of infrastructure is controversial in its own way. But one was built to carry fossil fuel, the other to generate renewal clean energy.

Today, the balance of interest is tilting toward renewables. One solar farm has been constructed in Gloucester County and a massive new one is proposed. Farm fields are eyed not for a crop of soybeans, but for a harvest of power.

We’re in the bumpy stage of a new road still being built, with lots of potholes and detours to endure before a new, clean, efficient highway for energy is the force behind our lights. Given that atmospheric temperatures and the tides are both rising...

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