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Editorial: Bringing people together

Newspapers have been getting a bad rap lately. Accusations of liberal bias and sensationalism are thrown about by those who don’t agree with a particular article, an editorial or the overall coverage of a given issue. People question whether there is some hidden agenda lurking behind every story, photograph and graphic.

While we can’t speak for every newspaper—nor should we—by and large, most local papers have the same simple mission: to provide information to the communities they serve.

We’re here to let you know what your elected officials are doing with your tax dollars; to give you a heads-up if there’s been a break-in in your neighborhood; to keep you up-to-date on the high school sports teams; to do a little bragging on the exceptional men and women who are your friends and neighbors. We give people a chance to express their opinions on the issues of the day and make a comment or two ourselves in this column here. In short, we work to bring p...

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