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Editorial: Ask, and it shall be given

In our communities, some nameless, faceless and voiceless residents did not ask. But others asked on their behalf, and now after one of the bitterest winters in recent years, the first temporary Gloucester shelter for the homeless is closing.

Yes, Gloucester County has homeless residents, and Mathews County probably does as well. Thanks to an initiative from The Salvation Army and several Gloucester churches and organizations, temporary shelters were set up this winter and the Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team, GUEST, provided warm places to sleep and warm food to eat to the least powerful among us.

We commend everyone who organized GUEST and made it happen. We wish them well as they endeavor to set up year-round shelters. We hope the community will answer the call, when it is made, to give money, products and time.

Those who saw the need and helped to meet it remembered their scripture lessons:

“I was a stranger, and you took me in.” ...

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