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Editorial: A crazy season

Dear friends,

Yes, Election Day 2024 is still a long time away. But as we gear up for what promises to be a crazy season, it’s as good a time as any to remind our readers (and letter writers) of our policies regarding letters to the editor addressing the upcoming election and politics in general.

We are already receiving endorsements. We are going to hold those until Election Day draws much closer. And, as we did in 2023, we will limit each writer to one endorsement letter. Please keep it brief. We will cut off letters of more than 300 words. Sometimes less is more. Put your main point up front, keep it legal and decent, submit it, and wait for the paper to carry it.

In the meantime, feel free to comment as you wish on local, state and national current events. We favor commentary on these subjects in that order: local to national. We will run what we can—just so long as you are not endorsing someone.

There! You are on the record. And Election Day is one week closer.

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