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Dominion seeks to extend ‘no disconnection’ policy

Dominion Energy Virginia is expanding its assistance to Virginia customers facing hardship, offering a more generous payment plan and new direct assistance, while asking permission from regulators for an additional four-month extension of the “no disconnection” policy, according to a company release.

The efforts come as the pandemic continues to impact millions of Americans across the country.

“We recognize the challenges that many are facing and want customers to know we are here to help, as we continue to navigate this pandemic together,” said Robert Blue, co-chief operating officer and executive vice president, Dominion Energy Virginia. “Our mission of supporting our customers and the communities they live in has never been more important.”

On March 12, Dominion Energy voluntarily suspended disconnections for customers falling behind on their bills, while offering a range of assistance.

Virginia’s disconnection policy, implemented after the company’s voluntary suspension, is due to expire June 15. The State Corporation Commission is accepting comments on next steps. “To create certainty for customers, we are requesting the SCC allow the company a four-month extension of the disconnection policy, through Oct. 14,” the release stated. Dominion is also requesting to continue waiving late fees through that period.

During that time, Dominion will encourage customers to work with them to develop payment plans for their unique circumstances. At the end of the proposed extension, Dominion will re-evaluate its next steps based on a range of factors, including the needs of its customers and economic conditions at that time.