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County funding makes big difference to Gloucester squads

A recent article in the Gazette-Journal about rising costs and volunteer recruitment problems at the Mathews Volunteer Rescue Squad prompted the question of how Gloucester squads are faring. 

J.D. Clements of Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue and Robert Parlett of Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue reported in separate interviews that county funding is making a tremendous financial difference for each agency.

While Gloucester has adequate personnel to handle most calls in a timely fashion, Abingdon sometimes has to call on Gloucester or York County for backup. Both agencies said that it’s beneficial to combine fire and 

rescue services.

Budget funding

Clements said that the bulk of Gloucester Fire and Rescue’s budget comes from the county, which last year contributed $1.3 million to the agency.

“I applaud the county for doing it,” said Clements.

Parlett said that Abingdon receives 80 percent of its funding from the county. That amounted to $1...

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