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Conquer the cold: Settle in now for some warm, thick Brunswick stew

When the days are cold and the nights are colder, it’s time for Brunswick stew. This Southern favorite starts to show up in the fall, when churches and civic groups make huge batches to sell. Its popularity continues until the days are warm again.

A long-standing debate over Brunswick stew is who, where, when and how it was first made. Historically there is a lack of consensus. Both Brunswick County, Virginia and Brunswick, Georgia claim its creation.

Brunswick County, North Carolina is not as vocal about it but also has a story. However, the truth most likely is that it originated with Native Americans. Their stews consisted of all sorts of game and even today some expert cooks say it isn’t Brunswick stew unless it contains squirrel.

According to Virginia’s story, the original Brunswick stew was created in 1828 by Jimmy Matthews, an African-American chef who cooked for Dr. Creed Hoskins, a member of the Virginia legislature who had taken a group of friends on a hu...

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