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Feb. 2, 1964–Feb. 20, 2015

Chris McCann of Mathews, departed peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends, at 12:45 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015, for his next great adventure.

He was the beloved husband and high school sweetheart to Lisa, father to Madison, Kai, and Jonathan, brother to Amy and Kevin, and son to Big Chris and Linda.

A tremendous friend to hundreds around the country who shared his talents as carpenter, craftsman, inventor, cook, musician, artist, world-class practical joker and mischief-maker-in-chief are but a few of the ways that those who knew and loved Chris remember him today and forever with love and good cheer. While these words are most certainly true, in the end they fail to capture, by anyone’s yardstick, the true measure of Chris McCann. These words are merely the first half of an equation where the second half is a spirit so huge, and of such warmth and strength and generosity, as to be beyond description. Were one to attempt such arithmetic, it might go something like this:

Wood + Chris = a home well built.

Paint + Chris = art that was true and beautiful.

Anything that could be strummed, picked, or banged on + Chris = music.

A problem in your life, no matter how big or small + Chris = a friend who listened, really listened, and who looked out for you, and took care of you in any way he could, and by his great strength made you feel stronger.

Food + Chris = Sunday dinners at the house (wherever that house exists for you, his friend), with Lisa and the kids, their dogs, music and wine, good smells, and laughter and love. Love, with Chris, was always the number one ingredient.

Do your own math, you who knew and loved Chris McCann. No doubt you have been in recent days as you calculate all the ways he enriched your life. The numbers of equations are endless, as was his spirit.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.” Chris McCann spent his days busying himself being born. Fifty-one years of being born, with but a tiny handful of days spent to the contrary, and even that he did well—with the kind of humor and courage we all wish we had. It is incomprehensible and heart wrenching that he is no longer with us in body, but we celebrate a life well spent, and a spirit without peer. We will hold him in our hearts for the rest of our lives, just as he kept a place in that big heart of his for all of us. We honor him with fellowship and good cheer and the promise to spend the time that remains for each of us as he did, and as he would want us to, busy being born.

We will see our Chris again someday. He is up there building a table and cooking something good and saving a place at that table for all of us. 

Christopher was predeceased by his cousin, Cathy Norton, Grandfather and Grandmother Mogensen, and brother-in-law, Jonathan Lee Peschel. 

Chris’ celebration of life well lived was held Tuesday, Feb. 24 at Kingston Parish Episcopal Chapel in Mathews. A memorial service will be held in the spring at a later determined date. 

His valiant effort to live and story during the final months of his life, tributes and offerings of condolence can be submitted to McCann.