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Bunting develops passion for hunting the old-fashioned way

Dixie Bunting of Ordinary is helping to take hunting back to the way it used to be. Always having an interest in primitive methods of hunting, Bunting decided a couple of years ago he would try to make his own bows and arrows.

“I wanted a long bow to hunt with,” Bunting said, “so I decided to make one.”

He taught himself the many intricate steps that are involved in making a proper bow and arrow. Researching primitive forms of archery online and in books, Bunting learned to do everything from carving the proper type of rock into a sharp arrow to whittling the best types of wood to attach the bow.

After crafting his first bow and arrow, Bunting hasn’t been able to get enough of the art. “It’s turned into a fun hobby,” he said. “I’ve made over 30 bows now.”

All of Bunting’s archery pieces are made strictly the primitive way. “I make them the same way the ancient people made them,” he said. He doesn&rs...

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