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Breezeline launches program to promote digital literacy

Breezeline, the nation’s eighth-largest cable operator, has announced a series of online community education initiatives designed to foster digital literacy and equity while supporting online safety, a healthy tech-life balance, as well as promoting technology careers for young people.

Recognizing the great benefits that internet connectivity provides, but also being mindful that not all members of the community currently share in its benefits equally, as well as seeking to foster the responsible use of technology, Breezeline is supporting more than a half-dozen nonprofit organizations to promote these objectives in its communities.

These organizations include Digital Literacy for Seniors, Tech Life Balance, Cyber-Bullying Prevention, Online Safety, STEM for Girls and Promoting Tech Careers.

In its last fiscal year, Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) contributed more than $5 million in its support of community initiatives.

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