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Be on the lookout for fraudsters!

In a recent Chesapeake Bank newsletter, residents are cautioned to be on the lookout for those taking advantage of the current pandemic situation to trick you into giving up your information.

The bad guys are preying on your fear and sending all sorts of scams related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Below is a quick snip of fraud scams that you should be on the lookout for.

—Emails that appear to be from organizations such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), or the WHO (World Health Organization). The scammers have crafted emails that appear to come from these sources, but they actually contain malicious phishing links or dangerous attachments.

—Emails that ask for charity donations for studies, doctors, or victims that have been affected by the COVD-19 coronavirus. Scammers often create fake charity emails after global phenomena occur, like natural disasters, or health scares like the COVID-19.

—Emails that claim to have a “new” or “updated” list of cases of coronavi...

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