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Ballet teacher Jeanne Biggs and her year-round Christmas tree

Many in the community know Jeanne Biggs. She has taught ballet to countless children, grandchildren, and perhaps great-grands through many decades. However, many may not know the story of her 20-year-old, year-round Christmas tree.

Jeanne Biggs started her teaching career originally in North Carolina. Then upon moving to Gloucester, she began at Gloucester Day School (now Ware Academy) mentoring many young children, mostly girls, through her ballet lessons. She taught mainly in the elementary schools for Parks and Recreation.

A Richmond native, Jeanne’s interest in ballet began in junior high. She said her inspiration was her “wonderful dance teacher.” Jeanne met Fred as he was performing in the Richmond Opera and she in the Richmond Civic Ballet. A year and a half later, in 1954, the couple married. Several years afterward they moved to Gloucester where Fred worked at VIMS. Then later on the couple had a home medical business, and Jeanne began teaching locally. They have three ...

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