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A successful revival on Gwynn’s Island

115 YEARS AGOThursday, July 23, 1908from the Mathews Journal

Here on Gwynn’s Island, a meeting held at the Baptist church here was eminently successful. A large number were converted, forty-five were baptized and quite a number reclaimed. Dr. Fisher endeared himself to all.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Hudgins, who moved to Baltimore some time ago, are with us again. It seems they prefer the country.

110 YEARS AGOThursday, July 24, 1913from the Mathews Journal

Among the lately reported wonders are specimens of potatoes weighing 27½ ounces raised by Mr. C.O. Hudgins of Laban, and one weighing 2 pounds raised by Mr. John Owens of Peary. Nor are the wonders these days confined to potatoes, for Mr. Ernest Lilly of Laban, is the reputed raiser of a hog which, when killed had skin ¾ of an inch thick and tusks 10½ inches long. Wow!

The Ladies Aid Society of Westville Baptist Church will give a lawn party at the home of Captain W.R. Davis on East River Tuesday evening, Aug. 5, beginning ...

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