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York River Circle’s luncheon

Have you ever attended an event when, upon entering the site, your eyes are instantly drawn to long tables filled with various (much too many to name) slices of homemade pies—before you notice anything else?

If you want this experience, keep in mind that the York River Circle of The King’s Daughters and Sons will have another author’s luncheon in 2018. Pies come first at this and all past fundraisers. Mark your calendars for some time in the spring.

The hostess asks you to select your pie and take it with you to the table. The temptation to eat your pie awaiting the entrée vanishes upon taking your seat. There is a beautiful yellow congealed salad awaiting a fork. Your pie is moved a little farther back.

Soon ham biscuits are delivered, two each, followed by a bowl of Brunswick stew. Your plate is full, a bit of the salad remains, your beverage takes its place and the pie gets pushed a little more to the center of the table, thinking, I’ll get to you i...

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