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Wishing for the light

When I was a child, I was always anxious for time to pass. I said things like, “I can’t wait for summer vacation” and “I wish Santa Claus would hurry up and come.” My mother, in her wise adult manner, would respond, “Don’t wish your life away,” immediately deflating my anticipation and excitement for the awaited occurrence. Of course, she was right. We shouldn’t wish our lives away.

Still, there are times when it doesn’t seem unreasonable to do a little wishing. This morning, a memory popped up on Facebook of our wonderful trip to Boston in December 2019. Snow covered the sidewalks, the days and nights were frigid, and Jim and I walked for miles amid the crowds of holiday shoppers. There were plenty of tourists just like us, smiling and laughing, enjoying the excitement of the season in that beautiful city.

We had no idea during those last carefree pre-COVID-19 days that within a few weeks, the world would turn upside down. Since the report of the first case, we have all been wi...

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