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Winter wonders

Looking around, we can find plenty to admire, even when the days are short and a large part of the world stays indoors. Please send your photos to

Cold winter sunset on Heywood Creek, sent by Mary Bourne.

Martha Thompson Hudgins of Gloucester discovered that a head of cabbage that she put in the compost has sprouted five new heads.

Yume camellia in full bloom and Camellia japonica Professor Charles Sargent, sent by Lewis Hubbard of Cardinal.

Cheryl Battle of Bavon sends photos of sunrise, a mockingbird nest, and a deer, all items of interest in the winter.

Louise Witherspoon, Port Haywood sends Leather leaf Mahonia, a January bloomer.

York River sunset, seen from the fourth floor of Andrews Hall at VIMS, and submitted by Julie Shields of Hayes.


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