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Who will win?

PHOTOS BY LARRY SHERETZEagle vs. Ospreys fighting for a nest on Timberneck Creek. Larry Sheretz sent along this poem to go with it (read in the same cadence as “T’was the Night Before Christmas”:


T’was a big day of reckoning on Timberneck CreekThe eagle and ospreys for a nest would competeThe box was all trimmed with sticks and soft grassA sturdy construction that surely would lastThe ospreys worked hard on their home in the airIn hopes that young chicks soon would be thereOut on the creek I could hear all their chatterI sprang from my chair to see what was the matterThe eagle and ospreys were at it againI watched in amazement just to see who would winWith camera at ready and focused just rightFeathers were floating in air from the fightThe eagle’s bold move to take over the nestWas defended by ospreys to be rid of this pestHis feathers now ruffled and spirit most weakThe eagle retreated to trees down the creekThe ospreys’ brave stand protecting their ...

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