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When Thanksgiving wasn’t just a day’s holiday

110 YEARS AGOThursday, Nov. 24, 1910from the Mathews Journal

In olden days our Puritan forefathers were wont to regard Thanksgiving as almost a holy day. They rested and feasted and returned humble and sincere thanks to God for his manifold blessings. We wonder if in this Twentieth Century, when progress is the motto; when accumulation of wealth is the only ambition; and when mechanisms and machinery, invented by the genius of man, have supplanted the old time methods of doing things, we appreciate and are sufficiently thankful for the many advantages and multiplied blessings we enjoy. It would seem that even in this age of turmoil the people could spare one day to return thanks as did their forebears in simple and earnest fashion. Then Thanksgiving Day would be more than a mere holiday and the people would have, in a slight degree only, discharged the debt they owe to the All wise Creative Power that has guarded their footsteps safely through the years and rendered it possible for...

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