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What’s your favorite special occasion?

We asked local elementary school children the following question: “What’s your favorite special occasion?” Their answers can be found here—and they do not disappoint.

Abingdon Elementary School

Fifth grade

“I like the last day of school because I like being home from school for three months.”-Nicholas Westerman

“My little brother’s birthday because I get to watch him grow and know that he is making more progress every day.”-Abigail Kelly

“My favorite special occasion is Thanksgiving because you can see all of your friends and family and have a lot of fun.”-Makayla Santiago

“Football—because I get to have fun and get to tackle people.”-Aiden West

“Christmas because you get lots of gifts.”-Colton Adams

“My favorite special occasion is my birthday. I think it is the best day of the year.”-Parker Cole Joyce

“Halloween because it means that I get to dress up however I want and I can scare kids.”-Olivia Cupp

“Christmas because you celebrate Jesus’s birthday.”-M...

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