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What to know about cat reproduction

(METRO) Pet owners must take many things into consideration in their quest to keep animals healthy and happy. One of those considerations involves animal reproductive health.

Veterinarians as well as animal welfare organizations urge pet owners to spay or neuter their pets, not only to provide various health benefits, but also to help reduce overpopulation in pet communities. Cat pet parents must be especially diligent in their quest to squelch reproduction to help control cat populations.

According to The Spruce: Pets, female cats that are not spayed will come into estrus (heat) as early as age four months. The animal health resource BondVet says a cat can go into heat as often as every two to three weeks. Generally, though, cats are seasonal breeders, indicates the United Kingdom-based RSPCA, which means heat cycles slow down in autumn.Another thing to note is that cats do not enter menopause like people and other animals. That means a female cat can continue to reproduce well...

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