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What to expect at a veterinary dental cleaning

(METRO) Oral health is as important for companion animals as it is for their owners. Left unchecked in pets, periodontal disease can lead to pain, trouble eating and other issues.

Pet owners are urged to brush their pets’ teeth to help remove bacteria that can lead to tartar buildup. If oral hygiene is ignored, pets can develop tooth decay and other problems.

People know from experience what to expect when they go to a dentist for a cleaning, but a pet’s oral cleaning may be an unknown—and that can induce anxiety. Most cleanings follow a similar pattern and recognition of that pattern can give pet owners an idea of what to expect at a veterinary dental cleaning.


One of the main differences between a dental cleaning for a person and one for a pet is the use of anesthesia. According to Kulshan Veterinary Hospital, pets do not willingly open their mouths to give veterinary dentists access to perform cleanings. Anesthesia ensures that the animal will remain still an...

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