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Letter: We need leaders, not charlatans

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The president has made us a laughingstock of the world. He has destabilized our economy and is responsible for the rampant inflation we now face. His mandates and policies have been a disaster. It is time for this feckless, arrogant and opportunistic president to stop lying to us.

We are again facing new health challenges due to his immigration policies of open borders which brings to question where his allegiance lies. Is it to the freedom loving citizens or the Marxists who intend to make our government a one-party system?

This ill-tempered, compromised president should be impeached, resign or, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, be court marshalled. His ill-conceived and disastrous Afghanistan exit plan has shocked the world and our allies. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians are euphoric over this catastrophic debacle instigated by this president and his administration. It is unprecedented to leave behind an arsenal of weapons and planes wor...

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