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Ware River Circle recipes


Charlie Woerner

Melt one small frying pan of butter (½ stick). Dredge both sides of salmon through butter. Coat flesh side with Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic. Lay flesh side down in a cast iron skillet. (No oil in skillet, bare.) Sear on high heat for 4 minutes or until halfway cooked. (You can look at the color of salmon on the open end and see when half-way.) Meanwhile coat side facing up with Redfish Magic. Use two spatulas to flip salmon so it will not fall apart; cook another 4 minutes and you’re done. With two spatulas, move salmon to a platter and let cool; cover with plastic wrap and cool overnight in refrigerator. Next day, place and decorate on silver or glass platter. Serve with crackers for appetizer.

Instead of beef for Chateaubriand, you can use an elegant blackened Cajun salmon. Warm it and place in the center of individual plates and surround the salmon with 4 to 6 vegetables. Serving size for each is 6 ...

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