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VersAbility provisions Navy hospital ships

Thanks to VersAbility Resources, people with disabilities are providing mission-essential services in response to the unprecedented demand for human and material resources in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. VersAbility is the nationwide contractor responsible for loading food on ships for the U.S. Navy.

The VersAbility team played a role in quickly provisioning both Navy hospital ships to support the nation’s health care system overwhelmed by COVID-19. The U.S. Naval Ship Comfort provided much-needed relief to New York City and the USNS Mercy, is serving patients in Los Angeles.

Thirty VersAbility employees with disabilities loaded the USNS Comfort with food for a thousand-plus crew members for three weeks’ service in New York. VersAbility employees also operate all global phone calls for Air Combat Command. They also play a crucial role in manufacturing eyeglasses, delivering mail across the country, providing custodial services, and serving meals to essential employees at several bases.