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Letter: Unionization a bad move for schools

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read last week a letter that brought up the idea of “collective bargaining” for school teachers in Gloucester County. This is generally a lead-in for unionization. Teachers’ unions in America are decidedly Marxist in nature and in practice. These unions generally hold the localities that are paying the bill hostage to their policies and ideals. Rubbish, I say. The one footing the bill must always be in control.

Having unions come into our local situation will bring in that which many have come here to escape. For the current time, I hear very little that is negative regarding what is being taught locally. The performance of the schools as a whole (particularly during this COVID mess) is a very different story.

I have been in a seaman’s union for 40 years now. The union has in no way stifled any part of our operation and is a vehicle for very good health insurance and a very good retirement. But, our union is not run by any of those with a Marxist ag...

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