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Turkeys are in season Here are recipes for the popular game bird

Tidewater Virginia, with a high number of wild turkeys, offers some of state’s the best turkey hunting opportunities, spring and fall. The spring season opened April 10 and turkey hunters have been able to roam the fields and streams for this bird, and may hunt this bird until May 15. Their bag limit is one per day, with a total of three, bearded turkeys only. Hunters have short hours for hunting: one half-hour before sunrise until noon, for the first 23 days of the season. However the last 13 days they can walk and hunt from one hour before sunrise to sunset. State regulations on firearms, equipment, etc., may be obtained when the hunter purchases a license.

Wild turkeys are fascinating beings. They sleep in trees at night to protect themselves because they cannot see well at night. However, during daylight hours their vision is three times better than man’s. They also see in color and their eyesight covers 270 degrees. They roost at dusk and fly down at dawn. They can really fly....

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