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This week’s editorials

Changing language

The Watergate Hotel took its name from a wooden gate at the end of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which terminated at the Potomac River near the site of the present edifice.

The Watergate Hotel gave its name to the huge political scandal that engulfed President Richard Nixon and his many aides and associates.

And it keeps on giving. The suffix “-gate” now attaches to many words to denote scandals, particularly those with some kind of cover-up attempted or perceived.

Now in the news is Deflategate, in which star quarterback Tom Brady and some of the New England Patriots’ locker room staff most probably (an investigation found) colluded to deflate footballs ahead of a championship game. Allegedly this gave New England an advantage over the opposition.

Some people are shocked, shocked, to learn that cheating (most probably) exists at the top levels of professional sports. Some others are deeply amused at the prospect of multimillionaire pro athlete...

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