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Things people should know about creating wills

(METRO) Drafting a last will and testament is an essential component of estate planning. Despite the importance of having a will, a recent survey from AARP found that two out of five Americans over the age of 45 do not have one.Putting wishes down on paper helps avoid unnecessary work and sometimes heartache upon the death of a loved one. Wills allow heirs to act with the decedent’s wishes in mind, and can ensure that assets and possessions will end up in the right hands.

Estate planning can be tricky, which is why many people turn to attorneys to get the job done right. Attorneys who specialize in estate planning will no doubt discuss the following topics with their clients.

—Assets owned: Make a list of known assets and figure out which assets are covered by the will and which will have to be passed on according to other estate laws, such as through joint tenancy on a deed or a living trust. For example, life insurance policies or retirement plan proceeds will be distributed t...

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