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The ladies watched the nets being fished, and got much more


Thursday, May 13, 1909

from the Mathews Journal

They did not consult the Oracles. On last Monday morning most any fisherman might safely have predicted a rainy day, but a number of females consisting of “Virgins fair and Matrons grave,” with a number of little tots had set their hearts on going out in the Bay to see the pounds fished. So after breakfast quite a procession might have been seen with lunch baskets and babies going down to Horn Harbor anticipating a good time and plenty of it. It seems as if they got plenty of it. The rain came down in torrents, the wind increased to a stiff breeze and some the juniors not accustomed to being rocked in the cradle were forced to “Cast their bread upon the waters.” In the early part of the afternoon the craft came puffing up to the wharf and the soaked crowd crawled out on the shore, the rain coming down. They all seemed to be in a good humor and started for their homes a wetter and a wiser people.


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