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The joys of a garden

The credit for being the first gardeners generally goes to the people of the “Fertile Crescent” in the Middle East. It’s more likely the cultivation of plants occurred in several places in the world between 10,000 BC and 7,000 BC.

Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and beans are the Western Hemisphere’s gift to the vegetable gardener. In this country, early settlers planted what they called the Three Sisters, which consisted of squash, beans and corn. Almost everybody was a gardener in order to survive. In today’s world, in most cases, small gardening is a hobby.

Tommy and Kathy Lewis at their home “Tom Cat Farm” in Mathews are a great example of family gardening in this 21st century. They have planted many of the vegetables the settlers deemed vital, and have also included beautiful flowers; and everything is pesticide free.

“I wish I could make gardening my full-time job,” Kathy says with a smile. “It’s a hobby right now a...

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