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The Holt Family Garden

When it comes to gardening it’s a family affair for the Holts of Gloucester. Robert Holt Sr., Lynn Holt and Bob Holt have been eating, enjoying and giving away ripe tomatoes since the second week of June, with plenty of green ones on the vine ready to pop red daily.

“All my life I farmed in North Carolina. Began at the age of 18,” Robert explained. “My wife and I moved to Yorktown, Va., some years ago and now I live in Gloucester.” But his love of farming and being outdoors is just as strong today at 82 as it was at 18.

Asked his role in the garden, Robert’s quick response was, “very little. I buy it, they plant it.” Asked his favorite crop produced from seeds and plants, Robert took no time to reply: “All are good but it’s zucchini, after Lynn makes her zucchini bread.”

Robert believes things grow better in Gloucester than they did in North Carolina. “Have you looked at those tomato plants out there? I’ve...

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