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Thankful:For the little things

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The most important things I have this Thanksgiving are small ones. Like putting on your shoes and socks. I can’t now, but with God’s help one day I will. Some people have so much that they forget about Thanksgiving. They go all the way from Halloween straight to Christmas. Year by year, we are replacing God for that extra dollar.

Recently, someone broke into my home and what they didn’t steal, they broke. I was very upset, to say the least. Before I changed my way of living, I probably would have turned to drugs or a strong drink. But having a firm foundation and being very thankful, I went and sat outdoors in my wheelchair and watched all the beautiful maple leaves falling so gently to the ground and I said, “What a beautiful day.” I will save this in my memory forever.

Here is a test for you: Walk with a patch over one eye for a day. Spend a day on crutches or in a wheelchair. See how small things can be difficult? We must not...

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