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Thankful: What am I thankful for?

What makes me thankful? I have seen the bright sunny, happy days and dark, dreary miserable days, that roller coaster of life brings. I have gone hungry and have had more than plenty to be able to share. There have been times finances were so tight bills couldn’t be paid and groceries were hard to come by and times I was able to pay a friend’s way or buy the groceries of someone in front of me. Times I lent a shoulder to soak up tears and times someone was there for me.

Some days you think the troubles in life and the misery it brings are more than you can bear, but in the end of it all you overcome it and become stronger from it, you learn from it, and you grow from it. I am thankful for God who gives us more than we can bear but guides us through it. Our weakness becomes our strength. I am thankful for who I am today because of the ups and downs along the way. As for the trials in life you and I are facing at this time and will face in the future: "Don’t wo...

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