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Thankful: Thanx, Love and Wonder

Thank you Jesus for saving my soul,

Thank you Lord for your words of gold.

Thank you Jesus for skies of clear blue,

Thank you Lord for just being you.

Thank you for family and for friends,

Thank you for your Love that never ends.

Thanks for our food given by your hand,

Thanks for your promises on that I stand.

Thanks from the depths of my humble heart.  

And from the heart of your Love, all good things impart.

Love you Lord cause you Loved me first,

Love you Lord for my soul’s rebirth.

Love you Lord, it’s so easy to do,

Love you Lord alone you are true.

Love you for taking my sins away,

Love you each hour of every day.

Love you for peace, and for joy I’ve found,

Love you ’cause I know I’m heaven bound.

Love from the depths of my humble heart,

And from the heart of your Love, our love does start.

Why oh Lord, do you Love me so,

Why oh Lord, only you know.

Why when I ignored you so long,

Why when I have done so much wrong.

Why di...

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