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Thankful: Thankful for the community

Is it ever too late to offer thanks? Is offering it once or twice here or there too little in comparison to the deed? As our family has gradually returned to the fast pace of life as we knew it "before the accident" during Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011—these two questions continue to come up in my thoughts.

As opportunity presents itself, we are able to thank people on an individual basis for their kind words, gestures of well-wishing, and loving acts. But, how does one really capture the heart of what being thankful means into a few words? In our case, it’s impossible.

But here I write, attempting it anyway. We are overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and thanksgiving to the Middle Peninsula community we’ve called home since 1986, for the corporate level of prayers, encouragement, cards, visits, food, donations and support... and to the Facebook community flooding the walls with so many posts of loving words and prayers... a testimony of good triumphin...

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