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Spring pruning time again!

March is the month on the Middle Peninsula that heralds the beginning of spring. We still awaken to frost on many mornings. In the past, we have had snow in March, but this year, the daffodils are popping out of the ground, and a few friends have posted photos of yellow blossoms on Facebook. Soon, the forsythia will follow. March also is the month when it is warm enough to prune our deciduous trees.

The prime pruning period for many tree and shrub species in our region is Feb. 15 through March 15. If you miss these dates by a week or two, your trees and shrubs will survive.

Spring pruning should be a part of regular plant maintenance. Pruning can improve a plant’s health; reshape and revive an old plant or train a new one; control a plant’s size; and improve or increase flower or fruit production. Pruning also serves to remove or decrease branches and limbs that could cause injury or property damage.

A recent post on the Facebook page of a professional gardener contained a he...

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