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Some good books for fall reading

‘Worked Over: How Round-the-Clock Work is Killingthe American Dream’by Jamie K. McCallum; c.2020, Basic Books; $28.00; 261 pagesOverworked and underpaid.

It’s an old, jokey statement that’s not so funny now. No, it seems like you work more hours than you ever did, and your ends still come up two feet from meeting. You’re overwhelmed because you’re underfunded month after month and you don’t know why. Read “Worked Over” by Jamie K. McCallum, though, and you’ll understand.Fifty years ago, American workers looked forward to their weekends.

That, of course, was no surprise. Today, we feel the same but there’s one big difference: blue-collar Americans in 2020 work more hours than did workers in 1974—an uptick of about 13 percent that happened in the years 1975-2016.The reasons, says Jamie McCallum, are many.

The biggest issue seems to be that of low blue-collar wages combined with our 24/7 world and with algorithms that many employers use for staff scheduling. This leaves work...

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