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Snowden remembers his favorite foods in verse

“Often these days I remember my childhood. Sometimes it is just the aroma of some of food cooking that triggers it off. For some reason I was thinking about New England clam chowder. I remember when times were tight, we would go down to the seashore to get something for a meal. Sometimes a family friend would give us a cod or haddock to make it through the week. My mother would make New England clam chowder with the clams we would find. A few homemade sinkers and a hot bowl of chowder was not just a meal but a celebration. Somehow the topics of cholesterol and calories were seldom brought up,” writes Norman Snowden of Gloucester.

He loves to remember his days of living and growing up in the state of Maine, the easternmost of our 48 contiguous states.

“When we were kids,” Norman says, “we would watch as my dad would sometimes do the cooking. He would like to be complimented so he would only use ingredients that would enhance the taste. Breakfast consisted of slab bacon, eggs and ...

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